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Being the industry leader in ELM solutions means making sure your legal teams always have what they need to work efficiently. But don’t take our word for it – hear what companies around the world have to say about delivering higher business value with innovative solutions.

It’s not enough to solve problems well. You have to provide a best-in-class, end-to-end experience.
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Hear what our customers are saying about working with ELM Solutions and using our solutions.

Passport® provides greater visibility and control

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"Our attorneys, our users, we live in Outlook. So to be able to approve an invoice, to be able to work within your matters within Outlook – that sealed the deal for us."

TyMetrix® 360° delivers
value and efficiency

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"TyMetrix 360° isn’t just a technology to process invoices. It’s a way to improve the relationships between your law firms and clients."

LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer improves billing compliance

LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer Client Story
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"Although the initial benefit is a reduction in expense, the long-term benefit is really the increase in compliance with the guidelines. We're seeing that long-term goal now."

CLM Matrix removes contract bottlenecks

CLM Matrix for contract management
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"The system captures everything that occurs. So what used to take us sometimes days or weeks to get done, we can now get done in a matter of minutes."

Free up internal teams to focus on their core tasks

Artificial intelligence for legal invoice review
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"A claims person who's faced with a full docket of claims to manage, as well as all the other issues, receiving a bill that's the size of the Manhattan yellow pages - they simply don't have the time or the ability to go through it the way we've found LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer could."

Lower risk through flexible and automated workflows

CLM Matrix contract lifecycle management
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"There's version control built into the system, so you get everything in one centralized workflow for that specific contract, as well as within the entire system."

Seasoned bill review experts and next-gen technologies

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"TyMetrix 360° has been a critical difference-maker in terms of doing bill review, and it's really improved our efficiency."

Get up and running quicker than ever

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"We had a small percentage of bill review changes - 1% to 2% - but they gave us 7% - 10%. And that's a big difference when you think about cost savings, which is really the bottom line for us...I wish we had this earlier."

World-class service
and support

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"The support that we receive on our different enhancement just phenomenal."

Industry-leading service and expertise

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"ELM's (BillAnalyzer) team has been fantastic."

Delivering on each customer's specific needs

ELM software
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"ELM was the most flexible platform."

Improving efficiency to drive the best results

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"Although we're moving the task outside of the company, the task is getting performed as effectively and as efficiently as it previously was - in fact, even more so than it was by our own employees."
  • Flexibility and extensibility

    "As a drug company, we strive to have innovation. There's a couple of products and the core focus has always been on the patients and leveraging the different systems, using TyMetrix® 360° has helped us to be able to focus on what's really important. You know you have the systems to help you out, but it's really the patients that matter. Some data that comes in through some of the litigations helps us to analyze that data to make sure that we're making better products for them.” - Large pharmaceutical company

    “Passport® features tools that will allow us to evolve the system, thus providing the department with insurance against changing business needs.”– Walmart

    “Passport was chosen because it is a comprehensive system that is equipped with the necessary flexibility and features to handle all of our unique requirements.”– Nissan

    “…Passport will provide… a legal technology infrastructure that supports both our near-term operational needs, as well as allow us to evolve the system to support long-term legal strategy.”– United Airlines

  • Usability and efficiency

    “Passport stood-out from other solutions we evaluated because it offers a first-rate, user-friendly matter management solution…”– Nissan

    “In the past, we would be just digging to find out why something happened, but now with the technologies that are available you can be on the front-end of that and do some analysis to make better decisions before something goes wrong.”– PNC Bank

    “The ease of configuration and integration that Passport offers, combined with user-friendly features in Datacert’s [now ELM Solutions] matter management system, will help us greatly enhance legal process efficiency.”– Walmart

    “The attractiveness of Passport also stemmed from its uncomplicated user interface and the on-site training Datacert [now ELM Solutions] provides upon the completion of implementation. This meant we could ensure that the users who are apprehensive of technology or don’t have time to learn a complicated system, could get up and running very quickly… and they did.”– Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

    “The UI is beautiful and really one of the best I've ever seen.”– IBM global partner manager

  • Collaboration

    “This is how a team of two people can use a wonderful platform like TyMetrix 360° to rely on its ability to drive efficiencies for us that we, frankly, depend on.”– Applied Materials

    “The functionality in TyMetrix 360° has helped us advance our core strategy of partnering with our law firms, and we are pleased with our success and the reception that we have received from our firms.”– Westfield Insurance

    “We chose Passport because we believed it was the best fit for AOL and will enable us to achieve our strategic and operational objectives... Having a systematic approach to make collaborating with our outside firms seamless was also a key consideration in our decision.”– AOL

    “In developing our long-term technology strategy, we selected Passport because it will bring all of our departments’ systems together in one place and has the capabilities to enhance collaboration internally and with outside counsel.”– CenturyLink

  • Improved visibility

    “In the future the metrics and analytics that we're looking at are going to determine what firms are doing for us and trying to make things more efficient. The TyMetrix 360 system allows us to do that. We're looking further and deeper into the numbers today than we did in the past as time allows so that we can provide those efficiencies and cost savings onto the rest of the corporation.”– Large pharmaceutical company

    “An advanced technology platform like Passport… allows lawyers to aggregate, store, and share data in ways never before possible.”– Marsh & McLennan Companies

    “The information we have compiled through ELM Solutions e-billing solution has helped us focus our efforts on the true costs of litigation so that we can develop ways to resolve cases as early as possible. As a result, we have received a great benefit through our early case assessment and risk analysis processes from the use of the system.”– ConocoPhillips

    “The intelligence that ensues from integrating all information on the platform permits us to produce and send accurate reports in a matter of minutes. We anticipate expanding our reach in the near future, and a significant portion of this growth can be directly attributed to our new platform approach that has created an environment that encourages internal and external collaboration and provides unprecedented visibility to our legal operations.”– Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

    “By integrating all of our department’s systems on a single platform, Passport provides the visibility that's necessary for strategic department management.”– Nissan

    “We are able to use the system to track key details related to current and previous matters and review the relationships between different data for better decision-making and optimal use of internal and external resources.”– Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

  • Cost savings and spend analysis/optimization

    “TyMetrix 360° is another source of data. We love data. It's one of the things that insurance companies love to be able to get their hands on. The more data the better, so it's a source, for us, to compile data and to start to be able to use it in a meaningful format."– Large pharmaceutical company

    “We use data out of TyMetrix 360° for almost every decision we make. Whether we're looking at internal resources, sourcing things differently, how we resource things, what our cost is, how we bid out to the firms. That data's so valuable to us. We use it for almost every decision we make in the law department." – Lenovo Motorola

    “Tool-enabled enforcement of discounts and alternative fee arrangements generate $4-5M/year in savings and tool-enabled billing guidelines enforcement identified >$3M in guideline variances in the first year alone."– AOL

    “We have easily seen 5-10% ROI just on enforcing our billing guidelines, creating the automated rules, having the bills audited as they come in, and pointing things out to the attorneys who then can take advantage of that. Now they can just go in and click a button, make the change, and the firm gets paid.”– PNC Bank

    “ELM Solutions business intelligence is an extremely powerful tool that offers the flexibility that a legal department needs to more strategically manage its financial operations. The ability to customize reports and dashboards to our various internal clients’ needs is very valuable to the way we do business.”– Marsh & McLennan Companies

    “The system allows us to track and report on legal fee discounts. This allows our general counsel to more easily demonstrate to senior management that we are working with outside counsel to reduce legal fees.”– Marsh & McLennan Companies

    “We have used ELM Solutions reporting extensively to analyze and evaluate our use of outside counsel legal services, as well as to analyze various types of matters, particularly those matters that involve recurring litigation. For those cases, we can analyze how a firm is using its resources, for example, the distribution of work being performed by partners and associates. We can also look at which aspects of a matter are utilizing the greatest amount of time and resources. With this information, we can implement ways to better manage costly and time consuming areas such as discovery.”– ConocoPhillips

  • Why enterprise legal management

    “We consulted our law firms on their experience with different e-billing solutions, and learned many were using and had a positive experience with Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions TyMetrix 360° product, so this helped validate our decision.”– Multinational telecommunications company

    “We selected Datacert [now ELM Solutions] because we believe it is a superior solution.”– Southwest Airlines

    “We were vigilant in our efforts to secure a financially stable vendor that placed a high value on establishing and maintaining a continuing partnership. Ultimately, Datacert [now ELM Solutions] proved to be the only vendor capable of meeting all of our vendor requirements.”– Walmart

    “It’s vital your chosen vendor has a strong track record of implementation, and it was a great benefit that our implementation team was in Europe. The Wolters Kluwer team used their experience to offer best practices and point out potential challenges that we had not originally identified; for example, what processes to put in place should a lawyer leave the company. Six months on, we are able to refine and implement additional functionality, and a solution that allows for some configuration has been very useful.”– Multinational telecommunications company

    “After a comprehensive RFP and vendor evaluation process, we determined that Datacert [now ELM Solutions] was the company that could meet our long-term needs. We selected Datacert [now ELM Solutions] for its unique ability to truly support global ebilling, its comprehensive portfolio of best practices, critical capabilities such as behind-the-firewall deployment, and its extensive training program.”– AkzoNobel

    “We chose Passport for many reasons, including the fact that it provides flexibility in terms of easily configuring the system to do exactly what we need it to do.”– Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

    “Implementing ELM Solutions first was a key to our early success. It enabled us to demonstrate to executive management our commitment to cost management.”– AOL

    “Ultimately, we selected Datacert [now ELM Solutions], which has a strong reputation in the industry.”– Marsh & McLennan Companies

  • Globalization

    “I believe that the Dell legal department receives the most benefit from T360 within the being able to support legal's needs in saying, hey we're worth the value because we saved you this much money. Look how much we claimed on the vat taxes because we can now track it and report it out. So I think that the ability to not only have the data in the system but to be able to retrieve that and put it in to a format that is understandable and valuable that decisions are made upon, that data that we're providing to our general council and other leaders of the company.”– Dell

    “When looking at vendors, we required that they have four things: global presence with staff on the ground in Europe, a significant number of top global companies as customers, the required certifications such as Safe Harbor and SAS 70, and a hosting alternative. Datacert [now ELM Solutions] met those requirements and provided the functional and technical requirements we had in place as well, such as global capabilities and multiple currency, tax, and VAT support.”– Novartis

    “Implementing e-billing to cover more than 90 percent of Novartis’ global legal spend, pioneering eBilling in Europe, on boarding more than 230 vendors, integrating to multiple divisional SAP systems, and getting over 200 Novartis associates trained on eBilling is, I believe, quite an achievement and this was only possible with a highly motivated project team from Novartis and ELM Solutions.”– Novartis

Why choose ELM Solutions as your ELM provider?

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We advocate for you

We have dedicated sales and support teams continuously managing our clients' requests.

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We collaborate with you

Our customer programs constantly solicit feedback to better understand customer needs while monitoring market trends and insights.

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We help drive success

We have a dedicated in-house training organization that provides continuous education and resources to support our clients’ success.


We support your goals

We deliver value by making investments in new products, product enhancements, and services to help meet your critical legal functions.

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With an unrelenting focus on our clients’ success, we invest in the right people, processes, and technology to delight users and deliver value at every stage of the engagement. Here’s how:

  • Firm onboarding and support
  • Training
  • Customer support
  • Customer programs and roadmap planning
  • Managed services
  • Product enhancements

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