Our partner certification program deepens our collaboration with our consulting partner community, making us better together - providing best-in-class services and solutions to our clients and helping them achieve their business goals.

The ELM Solutions certification program covers a wide range of product and technical training and the transfer of deep knowledge of our solutions. The program focuses on specialized project roles, as well as product specialist certifications, that will better support our consulting partners’ efforts to implement our products and help them provide a higher level of service to our clients.

Benefits to certification participation


Gain access to more opportunities to grow your business and promote your expertise


Provide implementation best practices and support to clients


Demonstrate competence in specific technical roles to effectively support clients

Certification types

Our certification program offers varying levels of certifications based on the consulting partner’s desired objectives for their business and resources.
Certification requirements

Role-based certification requirements

Role Project Manager Business Analyst System Administrator Configuration Specialist
(Passport only)
Report Developer 
Level 1 (courses) Curriculum completion Curriculum completion Curriculum completion Curriculum completion Curriculum completion
Level 2 500 hours 500 hours 900 hours 500 hours  900 hours
Level 3 2,500 hours 2,500 hours 1,800 hours 3,600 hours 1,800 hours
Level 4 5,000 hours 5,000 hours 3,600 hours 5,400 hours 3,600 hours

Role-based certification requirements*

Role Application Developer (Passport only) Integration Developer (Passport only) Data Migration Specialist (Passport only)
Level 1 (courses)
  • Technical assessment passed
  • Curriculum completion
  • Technical assessment passed
  • Curriculum completion
  • Technical assessment passed
  • Curriculum completion
Level 2 3,600 hours 3,600 hours 3,600 hours
Level 3 5,400 hours 5,400 hours 5,400 hours

*Recertification is required every two years for each role and/or product certification. Resources are required to attend ongoing training regarding new product features and enhancements.

Product specialist certification requirements

Individual non-role-based product certifications Product Specialist (per application) Product Specialist (per module)
Level 1 (courses) Curriculum completion Curriculum completion
Level 2 1,800 hours 900 hours
Level 3 3,600 hours 1,800 hours

Partner overall company certifications

Silver Gold Platinum
  • 2 successful implementations
  • Certified roles @ Level 2 (+)
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • 5 successful implementations
  • Certified key roles @ Level 3 (+)
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • 7 successful implementations
  • Certified key roles @ Level 3 (+)
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
Technical roles (for Passport PLUS) Technical roles (for Passport PLUS) Technical roles (for Passport PLUS)

Certification process


As a Wolters Kluwer consulting partner, we believe your experience and existing expertise should be recognized. Before beginning the training program, we will meet with you to assess your overall business goals, capture your expertise and existing skill sets, and prescribe the best and quickest path to your desired certification levels.

Dates for courses, course types, assigned testing, and options for advancement will all be determined through these assessments.


In-person or virtual instructor-led training on our enterprise legal management solutions will include deep product tracks on Passport and TyMetrix 360⁰ and their application(s) and modules. The second and third phases of the training programs will include additional product tracks, technical and coding courses, and implementation and best practices.

A written, lab-based, or participation exam will be included to ensure you have acquired the necessary skills to progress through the levels.

Additional levels of certification can be reached through on-the-job experience. Each role-based certification level varies and is based on the amount of time and expertise gained through the experience working on active client projects.

  • Consilio
  • Duff & Phelps
  • Jalubro Consulting
  • Stout
As a longtime partner of Wolters Kluwer, we are excited about the comprehensive new certification program. This training program shows an understanding of our needs and provides just the framework we needed to expand our collaboration. Our team looks forward to earning certifications that will help us deliver exceptional customer service as we assess customer needs and implement Wolters Kluwer’s enterprise legal management solutions.
Robin Snasdell
The Duff & Phelps legal management consulting team has performed many outstanding projects utilizing Passport in a valued partnership with the Wolters Kluwer team. With the new certification program in place, we will benefit from increased knowledge, enabling us to deliver with even more precision by taking advantage of the role-based certification levels.
Tim Strong
In today's competitive marketplace, it is particularly important that Jalubro is recognized for the expertise we have in the products we implement and support. The new certification program that Wolters Kluwer has put together will certainly allow us to do that with their products. Being the first partner to have visibility of the new program, we are very excited to be part of it. The team at Wolters Kluwer has designed one of the most comprehensive and testing partner certification programs we have engaged in.
Arran Braganza
Our Stout team is excited about the new certification program and continuing our experience and knowledge base with the Passport and TyMetrix 360° solutions. Our lineage of working with the Wolters Kluwer’s training team spans decades, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to benefit mutual clients for years to come.
Stacie Neeter
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