Pharmacy programs can positively impact overall hospital performance

Your team's ability to easily document interventions and identify hard and soft cost savings can help you demonstrate your team's value.

How we help

Quanitfi streamlines how pharmacy teams document interventions so they can clearly demonstrate the value they deliver. Track interventions, errors and key financial data so you can spend more time on clinical activities that improve care and control costs.

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Enhance patient care

Document interventions and indicate necessary follow-up actions for optimizing patient care. With this user-friendly solution, fewer clinical activities go unreported. Email alerts about interventions, adverse drug reactions and medication errors also enhance clinical efficacy.

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Improve pharmacy performance and highlight contributions

Identify hard and soft cost savings and easily tie interventions to pharmacy workflow items. Benchmark data and analyze standardized reports to assess staff and unit productivity and effectiveness.

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Streamline pharmacy reporting

Easily quantify the value of pharmacy’s activities with standardized and customized reporting on interventions, errors, financial impact and other trends so you can seamlessly build reports that track your pharmacy initiatives

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