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Equipping your students for behavioral health screening

Wolters Kluwer interviewed PAs currently working and educating in healthcare systems across the US and uncovered an urgent, increased demand for further mental health assessment education. Building trust with a patient is critical for a PA to obtain all the information to properly assess a patient's mental health needs. Share this infographic, "Equipping your PA students for behavioral health screening," which includes five tips for incorporating mental health assessments into practice.


of American adults received treatment for a depressive episode in 2020


mental health disorders according to the American Psychiatric Association


useful tips for your PAs to incorporate mental health assessment into practice

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Patient communication and trust is critical to a successful practice. PAs working in primary care or family medicine learn to ask the right questions to make decisions about the patient's physical care. Does the patient's mental health get as much attention as their physical care? Behavioral health screening in a primary care setting has become more important than ever since the pandemic emerged.

Download the five tips to share with your PA students to incorporate mental health assessment into practice.

Get PAs ready for the challenges ahead

Hospitals, health systems, and medical and surgical practices want to recruit highly trained and skilled physician assistants, then retain them for the long term. Give your PA students the tools to be great practitioners. It will give them more career satisfaction, their employers a competitive advantage — and their patients better outcomes. Download the checklist for nine quick tips to get your PA students ready for the challenges ahead.

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