Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager is a workflow solution for clinical practice improvements. It’s imperative to have a workflow solution that meets the needs of your facility. Download the free case study now to learn how a hospital quickly addressed patient complaints about noise with Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager.

The challenge:

The noise level on one hospital unit interrupted patient sleep necessary for healing, leading to Press Ganey noise-related patient satisfaction scores in the 20th percentile. But to undertake a QI project to identify the noise sources, examine practices that could decrease the noise, and help increase patient satisfaction scores, the multidisciplinary team needed a platform that encouraged and enabled consistent project engagement and efficient communication.

The solution: Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager

By managing project workflow with Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager, the team reduced the manual effort associated with previous QI projects. It used the application’s templates to enter pertinent background information. In addition, the tool’s intuitive search interface, with AI-driven filters, gave the team members access to full-text articles and quickly narrowed the results.

The results:

Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager automated the assembly of the QI team’s key project outputs, including an evidence table and summary of findings. It revealed sufficient evidence of significant environmental noise on units during the night shift and recommended that staff eliminate loud conversations, close patient doors, and offer earplugs to patients to reduce sleep disruption.

Download the case study to learn how Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager can improve your QI projects.
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