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Drug Information Full Text (Two-Book Package)

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Two premier pharmaceutical reference books in one: AHFS Drug Information and ASHP Injectable Drug Information. These books are available only as a two-book package; they are not sold separately.
AHFS Drug Information
2023 Edition

AHFS® DI® is the most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information complete with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses. With expanded and revised content supported by more than 97,000 references and incorporating the advice of numerous subject matter experts, AHFS DI helps you protect your patients.

AHFS is the only drug information resource with content developed by a professional editorial and analytical staff of pharmacists for a not-for-profit scientific organization and the only remaining original federal compendium whose authority for establishing accepted medical uses includes the broadest scope of drugs and indications under Medicaid, Medicare Part D, and more.

AHFS references are evidence-based and peer-reviewed, compiled without the influence of manufacturers, insurers, regulators, or other interested parties. No other drug information sources can make this claim.

AHFS DI contains information from medical literature and expert advice from over 500 medical scientists, physicians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and other professionally qualified individuals that goes beyond FDA-approved labeling.

Monographs include: drug interactions; adverse reactions; cautions and toxicity; therapeutic perspective; specific dosage and administration information; preparations, chemistry, and stability; pharmacology and pharmacokinetics; contraindications; and more.

2023 Updates:

  • Clinical perspective sections that include place of therapy discussions and recommendations from therapeutic guidelines

  • The latest information on the changing landscape of predominant COVID-19 subvariants and its effects on COVID therapeutics, including clinical considerations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Contemporary topics such as new antimigraine treatments, drugs for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, novel orphan drugs, updated guidelines on the use of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACS), specialty pharmacy drugs, and more

  • Inclusion of Standardize4Safety concentration standards for IV and oral liquid drugs

ASHP Injectable Drug InformationTrissel, Lawrence A.
23rd Edition

For more than 40 years ASHP has published the most trusted resource for injectable drug information. Our new ASHP® Injectable Drug InformationTM now delivers the same high-quality content that you can expect from ASHP with even MORE of the information you need to make decisive patient care decisions.

This book is considered to be the gold standard for information on injectable drugs and it is widely used by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals across the world. With its 40+ year track record for covering vast amounts of data with precise, accurate detail, nothing else comes close for compatibility, stability, storage, and preparation of parenteral drugs.The 23rd edition brings together, more than 400 monographs, information on injectable drugs available commercially in the United States and in other countries. The aim of this book has remained unchaged over four decades. Backed by quality, peer-reviewed published literature and authored under the editorial authority of ASHP, it is a must-have resource for every pharmacy.

As the industry’s “gold standard,” the 23rd Edition is uniquely designed to make complex and thorough data easily accessible to busy practitioners worldwide.

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