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Legislative updates

Senate Bill 529, effective June 4, 2023, provides that the name of a registered limited liability limited partnership shall contain the words Registered Limited Liability Limited Partnership, or the abbreviation L.L.L.P. or LLLP as the last words or letters of its name.

Senate Bill 6, effective June 10, 2022, amends the LLC law regarding member and manager liability.

Senate Bill 518, effective July 4, 2021, amends the business and nonprofit corporation, LLC and LP laws by providing an additional ground for administrative dissolution.

House Bill 2874, effective July 6, 2021, amends the Fees, Allowances and Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements chapter regarding certain entity filing fee exemptions.

House Bill 3081, effective April 2, 2021, amends the business and nonprofit corporation laws regarding participation at shareholder and member meetings.

Senate Bill 71, effective May 23, 2018, amends the Fees, Allowances & Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements title relating to the annual report requirement for veteran-owned businesses.

Case summaries

Piercing the Veil
William v. Morrisey, No. 14-0792, decided November 17, 2020. The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals held that the defendant, a lawful who had been found personally liable for violating consumer protection laws, waived the issue that the trial court needed to pierce his LLC’s veil by failing to raise it at trial. The court also declined to address the issue on appeal based on the plain error doctrine.

Other notices

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