The survey, released in early 2022 when COVID-19 and its multiple variants were raging on, was intended to provide a snapshot of a point in time on the “current state” and the future state of nursing labor models across care settings and how those models may shift.

The survey results show a disconnect between the ongoing challenges healthcare facilities acknowledge they have and the plans they have in place to change. In addition to survey findings, the report provides a roadmap of the urgent and meaningful actions healthcare organizations must take to make sustainable change.

What did nursing leaders say is on their minds?

Looking beyond RNs

There are not enough RNs to provide care. The work of RNs will be redefined and LPNs and unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) will be used in higher proportions when possible to reduce the need for and strain on RNs.

Answering staffing challenges with float pools

At least 50% of the acute and ambulatory settings surveyed currently used float pools. Post-acute settings were most likely to operate a float pool across one facility (66%), with 45% most likely to indicate their float pools operated across their entire health system. Over 70% of those surveyed will expand their float pools to increase staffing agility.

Informing shift coverage with competency

Up to 81% of respondents in each of the three settings indicated that having competency inform their nurse staffing/scheduling patterns during the next 18 months will be important/very important.

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Insights from the Chief Nurse

Nurse leader survey respondents have a firm grasp on day-to-day challenges, but many did not have a view or firm plan in place to evolve how they manage their workforce to meet the future staffing needs of their organizations. Wolters Kluwer Health, Learning, Research & Practice Chief Nurse Anne Dabrow Woods and UKG Chief Nurse Executive, Nanne Finis focus on what the data told us about the paralysis that is gripping most healthcare organizations, as they recognize the dire situation, they’re in without a plan to change it.

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Is there a disconnect between the challenges healthcare facilities have and the plans they have in place?

The survey highlights that there needs to be meaningful action and innovation across healthcare facilities to make sustainable changes to close the gaps between current and future state and support the rapid move of nursing models beyond current band-aid solutions. We take a visual tour of the survey’s takeaways in our infographic.

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