Nurse managers across all care settings are facing significant challenges

Percentage pie showing 57%

The majority of nurse managers cite finding qualified nurses as a major challenge

Percentage pie showing 51%

The U.S. is in dire need of nurses. Finding enough nurses is a struggle for 51% of nurse managers

Percentage pie showing 47%

Almost half of nurse managers find staffing appropriately to be an issue

Healthcare workers meeting in a hospital meeting room
Take a look at the priorities of nurse managers in 2021
Nursing is at a crossroads. Covid-19 has forced the need for new staffing models, better retention strategies, and retraining so that nurses are more prepared for the future. Nurse managers are now tasked with navigating these urgent changes. This infographic explores the top five challenges they will face in 2021. Nurse managers across care settings will be focused on their workforce, from reducing staffing shortages and burnout, to seeking nurses with greater experience.