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Sustainable Performance Forum (SPF) is the unparalleled opportunity to sharpen your industry knowledge and skills by attending a program filled with keynotes, case studies, and networking events. Learn about the hottest topics in ESG, EHSQ, Risk, Control of Work, and Engineering & Operations at SPF. This year's program is designed to help you address industry challenges, network with your peers and make the most of your Enablon solutions.

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SPF 2022: Empowering Meaningful Evolution 

Driven by today's acute environmental, social, and operational pressures, the time to come together and evolve is now. To build a better, more sustainable, and safer world, we must stand behind shared goals and actions - goals and actions that empower meaningful evolution. 

We believe that this evolution starts with three beliefs: 

  • Safety and sustainability start with people and culture 
  • Transparent sharing of best practices and data is the foundation for improvement and growth
  • Human-centric technology is a critical driver for impactful change 

And it’s you - the leading businesses, the change makers - that have the opportunity, the duty, and the passionate people, to make our world a better place. It’s our duty to help you get there.

Day 1: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Time zone: Chicago CDT (UTC/GMT-5)

Topic Speaker Description
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction
9:00 AM - 9:20 AM

Corporate Keynote:
Safety and Sustainability start with people

Laurent Dechaux
Managing Director
9:20 AM - 10:00 AM

Product Keynote:
Enabling 360° Risk Management from the Frontline to the Boardroom

Rob Davis
VP Product Management

Océane Rabillon
Lead Technology Product Manager ESG & Risk

Aldric Delahaye
Lead Technology Product Manager Mobility

Dave Rocha
Product Management Associate Director

Whether you’re managing ESG, EHSQ, or Control of Work programs, risk management is the common thread to all. 360° Risk Management integrates risk information across the enterprise. Data on risks and controls is managed on a single platform, not on separate systems and data silos. The status of risks and controls is tracked dynamically. And risk information is communicated in a transparent way and in the relevant context, which helps to foster a risk mindset.
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Networking Break
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Customer Panel Discussion:
Proven Methods to Make Your Workforce Embrace Technological Change

Chris Mendez
Solution Architect, Sasol

Frédéric Munger
EHS Performance and Systems Manager, Hydro-Québec

Jean-Grégoire Manoukian
Content Thought Leader, Enablon

The roll-out of new software or technology is always a challenge because workers may be resistant to change. What if you could discover tangible and concrete methods, approaches, and strategies that companies have successfully used to get their workforce to embrace technological change?

This panel discussion will provide you with valuable takeaways that will help you drive user adoption.
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Awards Ceremony Laurie Moore
VP Sales Operations and Customer Success
SPF is the occasion to celebrate Companies who are successfully using Enablon’s solutions to achieve exemplary operational excellence.
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Verdantix Keynote:
Financial ESG Trends Apply a Magnifying Glass to EHS & Sustainability Performance

David Metcalfe
CEO Verdantix
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM Sponsor Session EY  
12:45 PM - 1:00 PM Closing Remarks    


Day 2: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Time zone: Chicago CDT (UTC/GMT-5)

Day two of SPF is all about bringing our three core beliefs together. Covering key domains, including ESG, EHSQ, Operational Risk Management, and GRC, this day is filled with insightful, interactive sessions on trends, best-practices, and future vision.

Topic Speaker Description

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

(Networking Break: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM)

Elevating Risk & Barrier Management Through Visual Bowties

Geert van Loopik
Senior Field Sales Executive
Immerse yourself into the world of bowtie by learning about the basics of this renowned method, get hands-on experience building a bowtie diagram and bringing both corporate and operational bowtie together to control corporate governance, and learn how bowties add value to your 360-risk platform solution by means of a practical use case.
Leveraging EHSQ Technology to Drive Organizational Change
Kyle Schiber
Lead Technology Product Manager 
EHSQ technology and software can do much more than collect and manage data and lagging and leading indicators. When used effectively, it can also drive organizational change by improving a safety culture and enabling pro-active compliance management.
Making Control of Work and PSM Central to Digital Transformation
Dave Rocha
Product Management Associate Director

Michel Tol
International Marketing Manager
When embarking on an enterprise-wide digital transformation initiative, there is tremendous value in digitalizing CoW and PSM programs. This ensures that productivity and safety are not contradictory goals, but instead are strengthening each other.
Transforming ESG Risks into Business Opportunities
Noelle Harvey
Product Management Senior Director

Océane Rabillon
Lead Technology Product Manager
ESG is about collecting and managing data, creating reports and disclosures that conform to frameworks and standards, complying with regulations such as the proposed SEC rules, and managing climate-related risks. But an effective ESG program does much more. It helps to transform ESG risks into opportunities to drive business success and gain a competitive edge.
Enablon Platform adoption:
Changing your detractors into promoters
Didier Tisseyre
Director, Product Experience

Myriam Breton,
Lead Product Insights
Improving your digital adoption is improving the Enablon platform. Join us to learn how Enablon can partner with you to develop your digital adoption for a better Enablon platform usage.
12:00 PM Closing Remarks  

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Renowned for technical excellence, WSP Golder, is a leading global specialized engineering and consulting organization with over 60 years of successful service to its clients. WSP Golder is part of a 14,000-person strong earth and environment practice, providing engineering, remediation, regulatory & compliance, design and environmental services on projects that span all seven continents.
Enhesa is partner to multi-national corporations that want to help build a safer, more sustainable world. Through comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence, we empower clients to take care of the environment, health and safety of their collective.


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Trinity Consultants Digital Solutions develops information technology solutions for EHS management. With exceptional knowledge in regulatory requirements, information technology, and industry practices, the Digital Solutions team is ideally suited to provide cost-effective solutions to industry's challenging EHS data management requirements.
3E delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies around the globe to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement and create new growth opportunities. 3E has set the standard for combining regulatory expertise and enriched global compliance content and transforming it into actionable intelligence to enhance chemical and workplace safety, product safety and stewardship, supply chain stewardship and research and development support.
Huco Consulting is the largest North American boutique consulting firm dedicated solely on the planning, setup and support of EHS & ESG software. Our consultants across the Americas and Europe have been helping customers achieve excellence since 2008.
Laragon is a Technology Consulting firm serving customers around the world since 2006, with headquarters in Spain, a subsidiary in Mexico and project teams in EMEA and LATAM. Laragon implements leading edge software solutions for Sustainability Reporting, Environmental, Health and Safety Management, Compliance monitoring, Operational Risk Control, and Incident Management, for global companies in a broad range of industries.
For the last 15 years, VPWhite have been delivering and supporting clients across Europe and North America within the EHS & Quality, Risk Management, Compliance, ESG, Real Estate, Legal, and Operational Performance practices. With offices in Paris, Lyon & London, and upcoming in North America, VPWhite’s strategic goal is to hold global organisations hands through the complex digital transformation journey, setting them up for long term success and rapid return on investment.
ALL4 provides environmental, health, and safety (EHS) consulting services to the regulated community. ALL4 is proud to apply long-term and strategic thinking to their clients’ EHS challenges.

Why Attend?

Learn Best Practices From Industry Peers and Experts

Meet with industry peers in an informal setting to discuss issues and challenges. SPF is the perfect place to learn more about trends that are shaping your industry and how to respond to them, share best practices to address future challenges, and learn how best-in-class companies are leveraging your innovative technologies.

Interact with Subject-Matter Experts and Industry Leaders

Speakers from leading organizations will cover market and industry trends, and provide concrete recommendations to help you succeed in your initiatives. These experts will closely follow, track, and answer your questions during live Q&As.

Discover How to Use Innovative Software to Drive Digital Transformation

Business and technology leaders from leading global corporations will share their experiences deploying and using software solutions to transform their business processes and accelerate digital transformation. Learn how innovative software can optimize your operations.

 Join us for SPF to see the transformational power of the Enablon Vision Platform!

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