Cost basis and wash sale calculator
Calculating cost basis for stocks and mutual funds can be extremely tedious and time-consuming-with a high risk of errors. Yet mistakes can be extremely costly.

Calculate accurate basis-in seconds

With BasisPro you can calculate complete cost basis of any U.S. stock or mutual fund. You can also research and analyze complex corporate actions, such as stock splits, spin-offs, and mergers, as far back as 1950 and DRIP estimates for all cash dividends dating back to 1973.

BasisPro is a web-based application. You simply enter trades or import transactions. BasisPro then automatically applies corporate actions affecting the original trade lots to determine the shares and cost basis on the specific holding dates. This information is calculated and displayed within seconds, and results can then be exported.

With BasisPro, you can analyze entire portfolios at once and produce detailed customized reports for your clients.

Already supporting numerous accountants, operations departments and customer support groups at leading financial services firms, BasisPro offers an efficient way to meet the cost basis law transfer reporting requirements when basis is not provided. BasisPro can also be used to fill missing basis gaps for year-end 1099 reporting.

Quick and accurate access to basis information

U.S. equities and mutual funds

Historical calculations back to 1950

Price and DRP estimates back to 1973

BasisPro Inheritance-automated stepped up basis batch processing

BasisPro can also be used as a is a fully automated fixed income batch processing service to calculate, track & report fixed income inheritance basis and accrued interest calculations for most fixed income securities.

BasisPro is ideal for:

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Retail brokerage firms
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Full-service brokerage firms and advisers
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Fund management
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Registered investment advisers (RIA)
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Back offices
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Tax preparers
Product Sheet
With BasisPro you can calculate complete cost basis of any stock or mutual fund. It’s simple, fast and accurate.
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