With all new things comes change. U.S. banks and credit unions can compliantly offer Bitcoin services with less risk while meeting client demand.

We’re here to help you along on the road of this ever-changing industry.


In a Wolters Kluwer LinkedIn poll, 80 percent of community banks and credit unions said compliance obligations, lack of employee education, and overall confusion are top reasons for not offering Bitcoin services. 

Wolters Kluwer and NYDIG, a leading provider of Bitcoin platform solutions, collaborate to bolster financial institutions' virtual currency programs

Banking + Bitcoin Survey

Clients want banks and credit unions – their trusted financial providers – to get them on board the Bitcoin train. Discover the critical role banks and credit unions can play in the evolution of Bitcoin, and how your institution can emerge the clear leader.

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Bitcoin Risk Assessment – NYDIG Clients

Seventy-one percent of Bitcoin & Banking survey participants say they would switch their primary banks to one that offered Bitcoin-related products. How should you prepare for this increasing demand? Our Risk Assessment considers institution-specific factors in identifying potential inherent risks and gaps to enable the financial institutions to develop appropriate policies and risk controls around this new service offering.

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Bitcoin Disclosure Program - NYDIG Accounts

The Bitcoin Disclosure Program delivers content that may be appropriate for U.S. banks and credit unions to compliantly offer NYDIG's Bitcoin program. Discover how this exclusive collaboration between Wolters Kluwer and NYDIG delivers retention and growth while increasing non-interest income opportunities.

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