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World Values Day: Our values are our guiding star

At Wolters Kluwer, we celebrate World Values Day annually to recognize the significance of our company’s values and as a reminder to uphold them every day. 

We first launched our company-wide values in 2004 focusing on the relationships we nurture among our teams, divisions, communities, and customers. Our values are the lifeblood of our business, reflecting who we are today and will continue to help define our future.

Win as a team. “At Wolters Kluwer, we are one team. Our shared values are our foundation, and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion guides our actions and fosters a culture of belonging and a work environment that inspires both individual and collective success. We are united in our goal of delivering deep impact when it matters most, around the world and for all people. On World Values Day, we celebrate the diverse voices and perspectives that help us win as a team, deliver value to the communities we serve around the world, and drive deeper creativity and innovation for our customers which leads to better business results.” says Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Chair of the Executive Board.

Focus on customer success. Put simply, our company values are the guiding principles that provide our business with purpose and direction. They help us manage our interactions with both customers and employees. “By leading with our values, we bring our best selves to work to innovate and drive success for our customers,” says Karen Abramson, CEO Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting.

Make it better. Our core values impact all aspects of our business, from the products our teams develop to our sales and marketing strategies or the customer service our employees deliver. “In Global Business Services (GBS), our community of diverse business professionals delivers world-class centralized services that focus on customer success. Our GBS employees, jointly with the divisions, work side by side every day as we continue to grow our expert solutions - Together, we make it better, says Andres Sadler, CEO Wolters Kluwer Global Business Services.

“Across Legal and Regulatory, our values unite us and give a meaningful purpose to everything we do. They drive us to make things better for each other, for our customers, in society, and in our communities around the world," says Martin O’Malley, CEO Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory.

Our values in action. “On World Values Day, the Global Growth Markets (GGM) team celebrates the core values that unite us and guide our mission of building strong future positions in large and high-growth countries like China, India, and Brazil. In these regions we are creating new demand for Wolters Kluwer products and identifying opportunities to localize our solutions and go-to-market strategies. We look for those same values in the people we hire, including a desire to learn, a commitment to inclusion and equity, a strong sense of accountability, and a track record of making a difference with customers and colleagues.

Across the company, our employees embody many diverse perspectives and backgrounds, but our shared values determine how we respect and care for each other, as well as how we prioritize our actions, make strategic decisions, and interact with our customers and prospects in a productive and positive way,” says Cathy Wolfe, EVP and President Wolters Kluwer Global Growth Markets.

Living our values each and every day and learning from the communities we serve, is important to our evolution and culture. Our nearly 200-year history has given us a wealth of in-depth domain knowledge, which we use to continuously improve our business and provide services to the health, tax and accounting, governance, risk and compliance, and legal and regulatory industries.

Learn more about Wolters Kluwer company values.

Erica Glass
Erica Glass, Global Corporate Communications - Legal Solutions, Governance Risk & Compliance
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