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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. launches Cheetah™ for Tax Law

Highly regarded platform delivers the most relevant and authoritative tax insights and answers to tax attorneys and legal practitioners in just seconds.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced the launch of Cheetah for Tax Law, a new online legal tax experience on the highly regarded Cheetah platform. Specifically designed to meet the needs of tax attorneys and practitioners, Cheetah for Tax Law combines authoritative content, expert analysis, practice tools, and current awareness for legal tax professionals to gain insights on today’s most challenging tax matters.

“Given the rapidly evolving business and tax environments, there’s increased pressure on the tax attorney to deliver deeper and more actionable insights on the impact of the changing tax laws, quickly,” said Ben Snipes, Product Line Director, Taxation. “Cheetah for Tax Law is designed to enable tax attorneys to get to the information and insights they need immediately, thereby dramatically increasing their effectiveness and enabling them to deliver the highest value per hour to clients.”

Cheetah for Tax Law is powered by Wolters Kluwer’s world-class tax resources, including CCH, Aspen Publishers, and Kluwer International products.

Specifically, Cheetah for Tax Law provides users with:

Contextual results within seconds

Cheetah for Tax Law optimizes the research experience by organizing the content topically around what the user wants to accomplish. The platform then presents the most relevant and meaningful information based on the matter the user is seeking.

One-click access to the relevant section of the Tax Code

When a user puts in a citation, Cheetah for Tax Law automatically recognizes that the user needs a Tax Code, Treasury Regulation, IRS Agency Material, or other citation, and brings them to that specific citation directly—removing any additional steps from the process. From there, the user may see the document with the history notes, or run a deeper search to see all of the primary and secondary source content related to that citation.

Customization, insights, and information for specific practice areas

Recognizing that tax attorneys are becoming increasingly specialized and focused on one discreet area of taxation, Cheetah for Tax Law provides greater customization, deeper insights, and more specific information to focus further within four major tax practice areas: Federal Taxation;  International Taxation; State & Local Taxation; and Estates, Gifts & Trusts Taxation. Further, Cheetah for Tax Law allows professionals to customize their practice pages based on the information they value the most, making their experience on the site as unique as their own tax practices.

Anytime, anywhere access

Cheetah for Tax Law affords maximum mobility for today’s on-the-go tax attorney, providing easy, seamless access from any web-enabled mobile device as well as desktops or laptops, so attorneys can be as effective when travelling as they are at their office.

“Cheetah for Tax Law is designed to respond to the growing demands placed on the tax attorney,” continued Snipes. “Today, more than ever, tax attorneys need to be closer to their clients to build better relationships and develop a deeper understanding of a client’s business. Frequently, this means they are asked to weigh in on the impact of various tax laws on the spot as critical business decisions are being made. Cheetah for Tax Law brings the most authoritative sources and analysis to tax attorneys’ fingertips—regardless of where they are—so they can confidently guide clients through high-stakes situations.”

Dean Sonderegger, Vice President & GM, Legal Markets Group, added, “The launch of Cheetah for Tax Law underscores Wolters Kluwer’s continuing investment in this practice area—an area in which we have longstanding expertise. Cheetah for Tax Law is the first of our many upcoming offerings in this practice area. Our goal is to provide our users—whether a tax attorney, a knowledge manager, or a legal professional conducting tax research—with a complementary set of products that responds to their varying needs via a seamless interface so they can move fluidly between products and realize increased efficiencies.”

“With Cheetah we built a platform that is specifically designed to support the attorney workflow and we will continue to add new capabilities and practice areas to this platform to help a new generation of attorneys re-envision the way they work,” concluded Sonderegger.

Cheetah for Tax Law runs on the Wolters Kluwer Cheetah platform, voted one of the best new products of 2015 by Dewey B Strategic.

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