LegalDecember 18, 2019

Wolters Kluwer launches new Cheetah™ SmartChart for Visa Requirements, Employee Verification and Withholding for payroll, HR and employment law professionals

Wolters Kluwer’s latest workflow tool is the first offering of its kind to provide comparison and insight into the rules and requirements surrounding each kind of U.S. visa.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced the launch of the Visa Requirements, Employment Verification and Withholding Compare SmartChart. Available on Cheetah™, Wolters Kluwer’s acclaimed legal research platform, the SmartChart is the first comparison solution of its kind that provides up-to-date state and federal rules for every kind of U.S. visa for corporate counsel, human resources, payroll and compliance professionals.

The Visa Requirements, Employment Verification and Withholding Compare SmartChart allows users to compare rules and requirements for 44 types of U.S. visas in order to easily research and understand information that often requires hours of research from multiple sources. The solution provides practical guidance on complex issues including eligibility, filing deadlines, state and federal rules that apply to each, income tax withholding requirements, unemployment insurance requirements, compliance with federal Form I-9, and more. Users can access the SmartChart through the Labor & Employment, Human Resources, and Payroll Suites on Cheetah™.

“We developed the Visa Requirements, Employment Verification and Withholding Compare SmartChart based on direct questions and feedback from customers who found it difficult to find the information they needed on payroll and employment eligibility and limitation issues for workers who were on U.S. visas,” said Barbara O’Dell, JD, a Wolters Kluwer Employment Law analyst. “Issues around immigration, foreign workers and enforcement have been frequently covered in the media in recent months, and it is becoming increasingly important for employers to understand and comply with the myriad rules that apply to different kinds of visas. We’re pleased to bring this SmartChart to the market to provide legal professionals with a unique solution to directly address these pain points and streamline the process around this highly complicated area of payroll compliance and labor and employment law.”

The new SmartChart provides the following:

  • Guidance on employment limits: how long employees can they work in the U.S., what type of work they can do while in the U.S., can foreign workers’ spouses also work in the U.S. during the visa timeframe
  • Guidance on commonly asked questions, including what kind of visa a worker should apply for, filing deadline, how long each visa lasts for, and more
  • Information on separate visas for spouses, tech workers, agricultural workers, students, diplomats and foreign government officials, religious, teachers, and other individuals
  • Federal rules and state specific rules that govern different types of visas
  • Tools to understand and track different kinds of visas
  • Information on state requirements for employee verification and certification, including prohibited practices, posting, record keeping, penalties, information on relevant enforcement agencies, and compliance requirements related to federal Form I-9

Learn more about the Visa Requirements, Employment Verification and Withholding Compare SmartChart.

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