HealthJuly 17, 2018

With innovative orientation curriculum tailored for clinical nurse educators, Wolters Kluwer addresses staff onboarding and practice-readiness challenges

Wolters Kluwer Health announced today the launch of a comprehensive collection of evidence-based curriculum assets that help nursing professional development practitioners move their staff quickly through training to productivity by having the ability to rapidly deploy “need to know” content.

Lippincott® Blended Learning is designed to help clinical nurse educators mitigate the pressures created by high turnover rates and associated staffing costs, as well as the growing volume of new nurses entering the workforce or working in educational settings.

With demand for nurses already at its highest point and climbing steadily, clinical educators have been challenged in their efforts to create tailored evidence-based training programs fast enough to meet their facilities’ needs. This is compounded by high turnover rates as more than 17 percent of newly-licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) leave their first nursing job within the first year and one-third leave within two years, according to a study by the RN Work Project. The need to dedicate most of their resources on orientation programs to keep pace with demand and turnover in the acute care setting also makes it exceedingly difficult for educators to focus on longer-term knowledge acquisition and continuing education (CE) for their nursing staffs.

“Clinical educators are under enormous pressure to get newly hired and trained nurses onto the patient floors as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing the depth or quality of the information conveyed during training,” said Jayne Marks, Vice President, Global Publishing and Products, Health Learning, Research & Practice, Wolters Kluwer Health (ANPD Booth #203). “Lippincott Blended Learning arms educators with evidence-based content and a wide-array of assets to build tailored programs that quickly prepare new nurses to move into clinical practice. Our goal for this new curriculum is to accelerate the adoption of proven best practices at the bedside to improve patient safety and care outcomes.”

Lippincott Blended Learning features a growing library of customizable, online lesson plans and assets including presentations, case studies, exams and checklists that support live instructor-led training. Its flexible platform supports a flipped classroom environment that optimizes learning and knowledge retention and is designed to facilitate “instructional scaffolding” that allows educators to build upon nurses’ knowledge and grow their expertise over time.

The Lippincott Blended Learning library is a growing collection of more than 100 lessons on Patient Care Delivery, Quality and Safety, Leadership and Professionalism, and Management, as well as specialty nursing orientation topics covering Medical-Surgical, Critical Care, Perioperative, Obstetrics, and Emergency. As part of the Lippincott® Solutions product suite, Lippincott Blended Learning maps to Lippincott® Procedures, Lippincott® Advisor, and Lippincott® Professional Development Collection, supporting intentional curriculum and reinforcing knowledge retention at all points.

To learn more about Lippincott® Blended Learning click here or visit Wolters Kluwer Health in Booth #203 at the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) 2018 Annual Conference, taking place July 17-18, 2018 in Orlando.

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