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BowTieXP and BowTieServer version 11 launched - The trailblazer so what is new

BowTieServer 11 is a game-changer! Adding a first-ever exciting new functionality. As of today, you can build full bowties in your web browser, with the BowTie Editor in BowTieServer. It contains the most-used features from BowTieXP desktop and for the majority of users, BowTieServer 11 is all they will ever need to effectively build and maintain bowtie diagrams.

New BowTieServer features

Now of course the web editor offers exciting developments, however, this is not the only fresh feature the BowTieXP and BowTieServer version 11 release offers its users. Read all about the new features below.

Connecting software programs and data sources is important to consolidate information and make the most out of the systems you use. Therefore, BowTieServer now has two additional APIs that will enable your data management and application integration strategy.

The writable Bowtie Update API allows you to update all property fields of the 8 bowtie elements. For example, you can have another system update the effectiveness of a barrier or change the frequency of a threat occurring automatically by levering the API. Additionally, there is the ‘create bowtie’ method in the API that allows another system to create a new bowtie in the database and receive a return URL for immediate navigation to that bowtie in BowTieServer. This makes it easier to connect a 3rd party risk register application to your bowtie software suite.

Another API you can start using is the Actions Read API, which opens the Action tables to other software programs. Imagine you have action management software and want to automatically import all actions created in BowTieXP and BowTieServer, so you can manage all company actions in one system. Sounds convenient right? As of today, this is possible with the Actions Read API in BowTieServer.

Lastly, you can now assign users as owners of specific bowties and barriers. This is another step in bridging the gap between bowties as abstract models and bowties as actual representations of physical risks, in the way they present themselves and are managed and owned on-site. Imagine you are accountable for four barriers related to a process on your work location, you can now take ownership in the software. The next step is to implement a notification system to this ownership concept. That means you will get notifications (e-mail or dashboard) if “your barrier” has been involved in an incident, or there is new inspection data available about it.

In summary, version 11 is another big step towards realizing our vision around:

  • Moving from desktop applications to web applications
  • Improving API-led connectivity of the bowtie suite
  • Building more bowtie domain depth features
  • Expanding our offer by further integrating with the Enablon Vision Platform

Your very own BowTie Editor

How to get your hands on the BowTie Editor? First, it is important to note that the BowTie Editor module is only available in the BowTieServer. BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with bowties and related information. It combines all the powerful tools we already have, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP, and AuditXP, and unifies them across the organization. It consists of several modules, which you can choose to activate according to your company needs.

Once you have your BowTieServer setup, you have the option to acquire the BowTie Editor as one of the modules. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to your CGE point of contact for more information or a commercial offer, reach out to [email protected], or request a free demo here.

BowTieXP version 11

BowTieXP has also got some new enhancements, keeping up with new developments taking place in the BowTieServer area. This includes a variety of small usability improvements and a new file format that is backward compatible with older versions of BowTieXP.

Learn more about these new features and how they support users in the release notes.

Release webinars

Want to see version 11 in action? Reach out for the webinar recording.

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