ComplianceMay 23, 2022

Get ready for BowTieServer 11 Service Pack 1

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of BowTieServer version 11 Service Pack 1. In this Service Pack, you can expect a simplified user license model for BowTieServer. Additionally, you will now find a feature switch mechanism in the user management section. This will help you manage what your users can do in the software, by giving access to features on a user group basis.

New features

BowTieServer version 11 service pack 1 (11.1) is here, and will be available for deployment or upgrade from June 10th at 17.00 (UTC+2) sharp! If you want simplicity and easy access to your business applications for all users, this service pack gives you just that. The user license mechanism is changed, so your users will not face unnecessary access restrictions and can work across modules for the whole application. 

Additionally, you can use the new feature switch to simplify the UI (user interface) for users and grant feature access only where required. This will help you manage what your users can do in the software, by giving access to features on a user group basis. Even though you might own all modules and features, there could be an instance where you might restrict access to certain features to specific user groups because, for instance, they don’t need them. With the release of Service Pack 1, administrators now have more tools available to set up BowTieServer in a way that makes the most sense for your company and its users. Finally, as always, the new version contains various security patches, bug fixes, and minor usability enhancements.

How to upgrade your software

Upgrading your existing BowTieServer to version 11.1 will require you to insert a new activation code. If you are planning your upgrade, please reach out to [email protected] to get a version 11.1 code! In case your BowTieServer is hosted in the Enablon Cloud, reach out to your main contact to get more information and plan the upgrade accordingly.

End of support for version 10.2

With the release of BowTieServer version 11.1 we will stop support for BowTieXP and BowTieServer version 10.2. This does not mean that 10.2 will stop working, but that we don’t release patches anymore. We advise upgrading to version 10.4.x or later to be assured of working with the latest features, to get bug fixes and security patches. As a general rule of thumb, we will always support the latest 2 major versions of the bowtie software. This means that from June 10th we will offer tech support from version 10.4 upwards.

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