LegalApril 30, 2021

Wolters Kluwer special report: The Biden administration sprints to the first 100 days with no sign of slowing down

Faced with historic, national challenges on multiple fronts — public health, economic, infrastructure, voting rights, immigration, environmental, trade, labor rights, etc. — the Biden Administration came flying out of the gate. 100 Days later, the pace has only intensified.

On this presidential milestone, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has prepared a special report on the administration’s progress to date, its many policy actions along the way, and what to expect in the coming months, released on April 29, 2021. Read the full report

“In its first 100 days, aided by a razor-thin majority in Congress, this White House has achieved what few thought possible at the outset,” said Ted Trautmann, J.D., a Wolters Kluwer senior legal analyst. “The sweeping American Rescue Plan Act and world-leading vaccine rollout are, by themselves, transformative. Add to that the many executive actions, regulatory initiatives, cabinet and agency appointments, and new legislation and programs in the pipeline. All told, this administration’s debut is approaching historic levels of efficiency.”

This special report lays out the administration’s agenda and policy actions taken to date, organized around key subject areas such as healthcare, labor and employment, tax, and others. Specific actions covered in the report include:
  • The American Rescue Plan Act, a $1.9 trillion stimulus package signed into law March 11, which provides economic and tax relief to individuals, families, businesses, schools, and state and local governments, including stimulus payments, extended unemployment benefits, paid sick and family medical leave, child and dependent care assistance, expanded health care coverage, transportation industry support, and retirement plan relief
  • Covid-19 vaccine production and distribution, expanded testing, protective equipment production, research, guidance, and outreach
  • Affordable Care Act coverage enrollment, expansion, and outreach
  • Agency appointments, rulemaking, guidance, enforcement, and priorities
  • Executive orders on multiple fronts: immigration, climate change, regulatory reform, racial equity, worker safety, education, sexual orientation and gender discrimination, etc. Read the full report
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