Honoring World Health Day 2022

The World Health Day 2022 theme "Our planet, our health" aligns with our belief at Wolters Kluwer that all people – everywhere – should have access to the best care possible. This need has been made even more prominent by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disparity in care for different populations globally. By acknowledging health inequity challenges, we can work together towards technological- and evidence-based solutions that - over time - will bring about true change and better health outcomes, worldwide.

As a global company, Wolters Kluwer has committed to organizational sustainability efforts, as well as focusing on healthcare pillars that we believe work together towards advancing global health equity. Addressing systemic barriers to equitable care means looking at the resources, tools, and methodology that healthcare practitioners, researchers, and administrators use from the very beginning of their education throughout their careers of service.

Supporting health equity and sustainability at Wolters Kluwer

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Trust is fundamental: Axis Medical Center is working to bring the best care to underserved populations.
Trust is fundamental: Bringing the best possible care to underserved populations

Axis Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, uses its complimentary subscription to UpToDate to better serve its patient population, which is composed primarily of immigrants and those below the federal poverty level. The team strives to deliver the best care everywhere and build a community of trust with their patients.

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Focusing on health equity in clinical care and content