Making care decisions for better patient outcomes

Many factors come into play when evaluating clinical decision support systems. Knowing which factors translate into evidence-based, real-world practices can directly impact the quality of patient outcomes and the satisfaction of care teams. To that end, we’ve included these resources from health leaders and peers, as well as a notable national survey of top U.S. hospitals.

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UpToDate: The standard for evidence-based clinical decisions
Over the past 30 years, UpToDate has become the standard for evidence-based clinical decisions. And yet our work is far from done. Our focus will always be on delivering actionable recommendations when and where they’re needed. Closing the gap between question and answer, between insight and decision, between clinician and patient.

As long as…

•  students continue to learn
•  there are variations in the quality of care
•  medicine continues to advance
•  clinicians have questions to ask

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Eliminate variability across the patient journey with aligned care decisions
Information is at the heart of medicine. With one trusted source, clinicians, nurses, and pharmacists can deliver high-reliability healthcare across the continuum of care.

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Information you can trust
Some clinical decision support systems are more effective than others. Our eBook highlights the factors that make systems work and why others fall short.

Why clinical decision support systems are effective

An in-depth eBook from Wolters Kluwer explores the factors that make clinical decision support systems work and why some fall short.

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