HealthMarch 02, 2023

Empowering physicians with fast, accurate clinical answers

Making care decisions for better patient outcomes.

A growing body of evidence shows that clinical decision support (CDS) technology has a positive impact on patient outcomes. Multiple studies found that CDS systems improved patient outcomes and hospital processes. Among the improvements were less hospital stays, fewer complications, reduced mortality rates, and improved patient safety.

This eBook from Wolters Kluwer, in partnership with HealthLeaders, reviews the results of several studies and explores the factors that lead to better patient outcomes through the use of CDS technology.

Topics covered include:

  • Merging of CDS software with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.
  • A University of Chicago study that found over 30% of CDS topic views were associated with changes in clinical decisions.
  • A Harvard University study showing that one CDS tool was associated with numerous benefits over three years, including patient safety and the saving of 11,500 lives.
  • The role of CDS tools in reducing cognitive burden and promoting consistency and efficiency in clinical workflows.

To learn more about what CDS technology can do for your care teams, download the eBook: Empowering physicians with fast, accurate clinical answers.

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