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LegalJanuary 12, 2021

Whitepaper: Leveraging Technology to Combat Contract Risk

Identify and mitigate risk across the contract lifecycle

Contracts set the legal foundation of a business relationship, and as such, carry inherent risk from creation through to expiration or renewal.

However, these risks will never be eliminated altogether, so it’s important to understand where your potential risks lie across the contract portfolio and how to manage and mitigate them.

An assessment of your contract risk sources is an important first step to anticipate potential impacts and plan for an effective CLM solution implementation. This whitepaper can help you and your team focus on capabilities that support risk mitigation and recognize the highest level of value from your investment.

The average cost per contract has increased 38 percent over the past six years and only 6 percent for organizations most efficiently managing contracts.
World Commerce & Contracting Association

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