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Wolters Kluwer UX designer Monique Wijnia listed in the T500, recognizing young tech talent

According to Gallup research referenced in New York Magazine, Millennials put the highest importance on “opportunities to learn and grow and opportunities for advancement” compared to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.

Monique Wijnia, UX Designer with the Wolters Kluwer Global Platform Organization (GPO), fits her generational profile in that regard. You could say that her affinity for growth through learning is a characteristic that contributed to her recognition in The T500 for the second year in a row. The T500 shortlists the 500 most ambitious, talented people in the Dutch digital scene under the age of twenty-six across all fields of digital: entrepreneurs, designers, coders, storytellers, and academic researchers. It offers an opportunity for young tech talents to meet creative people, providing a global platform to expose their talents.

Our communications team caught up with Monique to learn more about her insights and experience, as a young, female rising tech-star.

Monique joined Wolters Kluwer in June 2017 as a UX Designer within our UX Center of Excellence headed by Greg Merkle, VP of User Experience. Her responsibilities are to consult with product teams to ensure our solutions meet user expectations. She is currently working on a project that optimizes user experience across platforms.

At Wolters Kluwer, Monique's work with different teams has taught her that communication is a key component to great user experience. She believes that being part of the T500 will provide opportunities to learn more in the digital field while being inspired by other creative, young talents. Being part of this initiative gives her the opportunity to strengthen her network and meet more like-minded people, an important aspect to career growth for everyone.

Monique is focused on long-term development and improvement. She wants to keep up with everything happening in the digital world and to meet more people in the industry. And most importantly, she is looking to broaden her horizons. At Wolters Kluwer, Monique is following her dream getting to work closely with our customers on innovative products. As noted by Merkle, "Monique strives to understand the roles and goals of our customers, and translate what we observe through storytelling and envisioning how technology can help. Having recently worked on a project with Monique, she truly demonstrates tremendous maturity in design thinking. Her recognition in the T500 is reflective of that."

Addressing the question of what advise she might have for other tech talent (young or old), she says that it’s important to strive to achieve your goals. Her advice: ‘’always keep learning and never be ignorant towards other people and their ideas. The tech field is an environment where so many disciplines work together. Furthermore, it is always important to stay up to date and communicate with peers.’’ We’re proud of our people like Monique, who are inspired to put our company values into practice.

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