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ComplianceESGDecember 19, 2021

Top 5 must-read blog posts 2021

With the end of year in sight, we look back at which blog posts have been valued most by you as a reader in 2021.

Topics involve risk communication, risk management trends, identifying weak spots and using Excel or bowties to conduct your risk assessments. Sit back and enjoy the read.

1 – How do you communicate your risks? Apply these 4 tips

Good communication is essential for any effective risk management strategy. How do you make sure everyone in your organization is not only aware, but also understands the risks they are dealing with? Read more.

2 – Using Excel for your risk assessments? Watch out for these pitfalls

Are you conducting risk assessments with help of Excel? Stay focused, as amongst other important downsides, Excel can be excessive and does not rule out blind spots. If you want to fully understand the most important risks you are dealing with, read on, and rule out those hidden Excel risks!

3 – Risk management trends and how to deal with them using the CGE Risk toolkit

In the past 10 years, the interest in risk management has been stable and risk management processes or methods did not significantly change. Things are changing now. What are the main trends that we currently see in the field of risk management? In this blog we identify five trends. Some of these pose new challenges.

4 – How to identify weak spots in business operations with the bowtie method

Are you aware of the weak spots in the operations of your organization? In this short blog, you will find a video that shows you how the bowtie methodology helps you identify weak spots. This will reduce your worries and make your operations safer. At the end of this video you will be better able to understand the usefulness of the bowtie methodology.

5 – Excel versus BowTieXP – Which one is better?

Customers often ask us what the difference is between Excel and BowTieXP. What does BowTieXP bring to the table that Excel can’t offer and visa-versa? Find a short and sweet visual in this blog post.

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