HealthMarch 23, 2023

Clinical decision support tools offer wisdom at clinicians’ fingertips

As medical knowledge rapidly evolves, it has become more challenging for clinicians to stay informed of the latest evidence and treatment protocols. Decision support tools are designed to help care teams make fast, accurate decisions throughout a patient’s journey.

In a recently published article in Nature Portfolio entitled, “The wisdom at clinicians’ fingertips,” Wolters Kluwer experts relate the experiences of clinicians using clinical decision support (CDS) solutions to make crucial decisions at the point of care.

Clinicians search for answers at the point of care

Practitioners, no matter how experienced, may not know the answer to every clinical question that arises. Fighting against information overload and misinformation, physicians must sift through vast amounts of medical research available. This becomes even more critical while consulting a patient at the point of care.

As a doctor, you sometimes come across conditions you haven’t seen before. Patients can have lots of different things wrong with them at the same time.
Mike Fisher, Consultant Cardiologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer at the Royal Liverpool Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Trust

You’ll find this article features the latest thought leadership on such topics as:

  • The role of CDS as a virtual consultant
  • Significance of rigorous editorial review
  • The importance of care continuity
  • Reducing variation
  • Aligning clinical communication

To learn more about what CDS technology can do for your care teams, read the full article: “The wisdom at clinicians’ fingertips.”

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