HealthSeptember 13, 2018

Video: The Threat Hiding in Plain Sight: Equipping Your Hospital to Combat HAIs

Healthcare-Associated Infections: Tenacious.  Relentless. Preventable. Is your team ready to combat HAIs?

Hospitals need the right tools to monitor, respond to, and measure the impact of all potential infections. Is your team equipped to combat HAIs?

One such infection, C. difficile, presents in over half a million patients every year and costs the healthcare system in excess of $4.8 billion annually. 29,000 of these patients will die within 30 days of initial diagnosis -- identifying infections like C. diff early is a key factor in saving patient’s lives and in stopping it from spreading.

Sentri7 can give you the winning edge in the fight against C. diff and other HAIs in a single hospital and across your system. Wolter Kluwer’s surveillance technology monitors patient information in real-time across hospital systems, making infection prevention more efficient and effective.

Sentri7 is used in more than 700 hospitals to monitor and surveil 550,000 patients at any given moment, culminating in 15 million clinical interventions every year.

Infection Preventionist at Compouter
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Trusted real-time alerts and evidence-based guidance to ensure at-risk patients receive the right care at the right time, every time.

Sentri7's sophisticated algorithms identify at-risk patients in real-time by breaking down data silos that exist across hospitals and driving consistent clinical action. All to improve patient outcomes and hospital performance.