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The race to October 1 has officially begun: ICD-10-CM updates for 2021

With summer in full swing during one of the most medically noteworthy years in recent history, the 2021 ICD-10-CM update has snuck in under the radar of the COVID-19 pandemic that has loomed over the first half of 2020.The number of new, deleted, and updated concepts is higher than past years having 610 new concepts showing the good and bad signs of the times such as, advances in technology being able to specify new strains of diseases, incidents with electric scooters, and various new codes for poisoning by different synthetic narcotics. There are also 26 invalidated concepts and numerous revisions to synonym terms, short terms, and inclusion terms, which we have come to expect with the updates.

Here is a list of codes with the most prominent and interesting additions that will go into effect October 1, 2020:

  • D57 Sickle-cell disorders – new Sickle cell types; thalassemia beta zero/beta plus
  • D59 Acquired hemolytic anemia
  • D72 Other disorders of white blood cells – Eosinophilia and Hypereosinophilic syndrome
  • D89 Other disorders involving the immune mechanism, not elsewhere classified – Cytokine release syndrome, grade 1-5
  • F10 Alcohol related disorders – Alcohol Use/Abuse with Withdrawal
  • F19 Other psychoactive substance related disorders – with withdrawal
  • G71 Primary disorders of muscles - Myopathy
  • G96 Other disorders of central nervous system – Cerebrospinal fluid leak and Intracranial hypotension
  • H18 Other disorders of cornea – Corneal dystrophies with laterality
  • M26 Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion] – Arthritis/Arthropathy of temporomandibular joint
  • M80 Osteoporosis with current pathological fracture
  • M92 Other juvenile osteochondrosis
  • N61 Inflammatory disorders of breast – Granulomatous mastitis
  • S20 Superficial injury of thorax – specified areas and laterality
  • T40 Poisoning by, adverse effect of and underdosing of narcotics and psychodysleptics [hallucinogens]
  • T86 Complications of transplanted organs and tissue – Corneal transplant complications
  • V00-V06 Various pedestrian conveyance accident

Summer came quick and fall will be here before we know it. Make sure your system is updated with the finalized code additions and changes before October 1st.

Health Language clients can download the update directly from our customer portal, or click here for an unformatted copy from the CDC website.

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