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LegalMay 23, 2023

The inner workings of AI: A guide for lawyers

From early Boolean searching of legal content to Google, search engines have played a significant role in the evolution of artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT. AI’s impact is growing at a rapid pace, it’s important for professionals – including attorneys – to understand how it works. 

As AI technologies like ChatGPT advance in the legal industry, legal professionals must not only prepare for what’s ahead, but take note of how the technology was built to understand its power and its pitfalls. In his latest article for Above the Law,How Generative AI Works – Part 1”, Ken Crutchfield explains the search functions on which AI technology rests to provide lawyers with a better understanding of the tools that are available today. 

Attorneys must have a foundational understanding of how AI works to be able to effectively advise clients on matters pertaining to AI.

To read the full article, visit: https://abovethelaw.com/2023/05/how-generative-ai-works-part-i/

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