two business people discussing the lien life cycle
ComplianceFinanceDecember 14, 2020

Solutions for every step of the lien life cycle

Motor vehicle title processing and ongoing title management can be inherently complex — for both consumer and commercial lending. They can mean interacting with DMVs around the country, with widely varying requirements that change over time. Properly addressing both processing and management is key to effectively overseeing a portfolio of loans and reducing risks associated with financing motor vehicle assets. Our robust suite of solutions and services support you from processing to ongoing title management.

We can assist you with a variety of tasks associated with title processing and title management, including:

  • Estimates
  • Title package (title & registration) 
  • Title package (title & registration) prep only
  • Title only
  • Lien holder add/remove 
  • Release of lien filing
  • State transfer 
  • Title correction or change 
  • Duplicate title
  • Title release
  • And many more services

Lien Solutions is your go-to source for title processing and title management. We're ready with all the expertise, tools, services, and support you need for more seamless, successful motor vehicle lien oversight — and more secure lending. 

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