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ComplianceFinanceDecember 03, 2020

Keeping lien perfection reliable at scale

Motor vehicle lenders are under increasing pressure to turn around title registrations quickly, service loans, and manage large portfolios of liens. Assets added to your portfolio via mergers or acquisitions may have unresolved problems. Our experience suggests that, at a minimum, 25% of all loans have issues and inconsistencies that threaten perfection. The work required to address these issues is tedious, manual, and costly. 

Lien Solutions can help with many of the major pain points you may have: 

  • Manual research of title location
  • Title may not have the correct lien holder information 
  • Securing titles from previous lien holders 
  • Confirming lenders are still listed as lien holders for loans over 7 to 10 years 
  • Identify the state in which the vehicle was previously titled
  • Transfer titles or change lien holder 
  • Secure perfection on all acquired loans

We can do the heavy lifting. 

We're your one-stop lien management source to handle the most common motor vehicle perfection issues with tailor-made solutions. 

Download our brochure to learn more. 

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