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HealthSeptember 10, 2020


By: Agnes T. Melad-Juat, MSN/Ed RN CPAN
It is an understatement that becoming a nurse or nursing itself is both a vocation and a profession. To fully understand what this means, one must realize that it does not come just as a simple title.

Many men and women rose, and are still rising, above and beyond the true nature of this Calling through their selfless act and commitment beyond their nursing job description. The true test of this comes as we witness all around us the unwavering support and service of Nurses in many different roles. They have stayed strong at the forefront of this battle to be the face of Caring and Compassion. Their bravery and strength are an understatement of how they have adapted to change quickly and traveling to uncharted territory, not knowing how this will end.

I speak from a 20 years background in nursing working at medical-surgical units, labor and delivery, operating room, and currently as a post-anesthesia care nurse with a passion for shaping some of the most brilliant future nurses of our time-in the adjunct faculty and simulation nurse educator role. I was grateful to have worked in different hospitals and had one of the greatest nursing experiences of my career at Albany Medical Center in upstate New York. In my different nursing roles throughout the years, I have found ways to make the Ordinary things more special by adding a little Extra Time, Effort, Compassion, Love, and Support to each person I have met, even beyond bedside nursing. I have elevated my Calling by putting a little Extra next to the Ordinary and letting my care be felt in extraordinary ways.

To you or someone, they are heroes without capes, relentlessly proving that strength does not come in the work of one person but a group of individuals who seek not only to make things better for themselves, but also to those who wish to see life after this. I have worked alongside them in one way or another. Even in this time when distance seems to be a barrier to the physical interaction we supposedly have, they have continued to be the Beacon of Compassion and Love. Even in the most challenging time, our commitment and loyalty are put to the test. We continue to step forward and play our part. I salute, applaud, and sing songs of gratefulness to all of you, my fellow Nightingales, most especially in this cold, weary days ahead of us. I am proud and will always be proud of each of you; for more than a co-worker, you are a mentor, friend, and, most of all, family to someone that you have cared for.

So, in a year where we take pride to celebrate 150 years of this noble calling—following in the footsteps of our very own Florence Nightingale, a strong leader who has exemplified a character of selfless service—we are highlighting the year of the Nurse in 2020 and move forward with our calling as we put a united front.

We continue our work during this pandemic as it makes an impact on each one of us personally and professionally. I have so much admiration for all my fellow nurses; this is a way of saying thank you to you, and all of them, for more than a health care hero or a front liner….we have together become a full force to reckon…

We are all #NightingaleStrong… And yes call me #RNspired

Agnes T. Melad-Juat, MSN/Ed RN CPAN
Expert Insights Contributor for Wolters Kluwer, Nursing Education
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