FinanceDecember 16, 2022

Integrated data allows Priva to manage its global offices

Data integration, real-time dashboards and process cockpit with CCH Tagetik: learn how our budgeting, planning and forecasting solution enhances Priva's visibility.

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Priva is an international working company with their headquarters in the Netherlands and several foreign offices. Since it is a global company, they needed integrated data to bring all information together from different systems. Their management required timely information, short wait, and access to correct data. 

How was life before integrated data with CCH Tagetik? 

Prior to CCH Tagetik, Priva managed their financial processes through Excel solutions for monthly reporting, for budgeting and forecasting and for consolidating yearly accounts.   

Now that Priva has implemented CCH Tagetik, how do they use it? 

At first, Priva started to use CCH Tagetik with their previous solutions - they discovered that CCH Tagetik is a tool that can be used by Finance without an IT specialist to configure set ups. The new workflow allows Priva to have centralized data, real-time dashboards and process cockpit where they can see the status of every office. 

The team can reuse the data in different ways, easily define different hierarchies that make the finance team's life a lot easier than it was in the past. 
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