HealthFebruary 21, 2023

Preventing drug diversion in your healthcare facility: New guidelines from ASHP

Review ASHP’s revised Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances, outlining the latest strategies to help healthcare organizations develop and implement a collaborative, comprehensive controlled substance diversion prevention program.

This webinar features Samantha Roberts, Director of Pharmacy Regulatory and Compliance at Emory Healthcare.

What you'll learn

  • What’s new and improved in ASHP’s revised Guidelines on Preventing Diversion of Controlled Substances
  • Emory Healthcare’s experience implementing these guidelines, with suggestions and best practices for your health system.
  • Why these guidelines now strongly recommend the use of diversion monitoring software with advanced analytics capability to support monitoring and surveillance activities.

Watch the webinar to learn more

Sentri7 Drug Diversion
Quickly uncover potential diversion from purchase to patient with predictive analytics and actionable dashboards.
Reconciles drug transactions using AI to rapidly and accurately identify patterns of behavior consistent with drug diversion.
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