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Preparing for a DEA Inspection: What to expect during on-site inspection

A Diversion Investigator with the DEA's Diversion Control Division shares guidance on what to expect when the DEA comes on-site for an unannounced inspection. 

Niketa Prince of the DEA’s Diversion Control Division shares best practices on how to achieve compliance with DEA Controlled Substance Regulations to safeguard your hospital from drug diversion and potential administrative, civil, and/or criminal actions, as well as instances of healthcare facilities facing multimillion-dollar fines, and best practices to mitigate these risks. 

  • Discover best practices to ensure your healthcare facility achieves compliance
  • Gain insights on how to manage a DEA unannounced inspection effectively
  • Explore case studies on where facilities have struggled with drug diversion  

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About the speaker

Niketa Prince 
Staff Coordinator Drug Enforcement Administration HQs Diversion Control Division/Office of Policy/Liaison Section.

Niketa Prince served as the DEA Diversion Group Supervisor in the Baltimore District Office, overseeing diversion operations and aiding in the development of the Narcotic Treatment Program Initiative.

About the moderator

Pharmacy Clinical Program Manager

Dr. Stacey McCoy has over 20 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist. Her most recent clinical practice included more than 12 years of experience as an adult emergency medicine specialist.

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