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HealthFebruary 04, 2019

Video: Learn how POC Advisor ensures early and accurate detection of sepsis

Sepsis is the deadliest and most expensive condition treated in hospital critical care units. Learn more in this video how POC Advisor can help improve sepsis outcomes. It's also preventable. Challenging to detect since symptoms are so common, sepsis often goes undiagnosed. What's more, EHR alerting is commonly used, but it has shown little impact on outcomes due to alert fatigue. With every hour sepsis goes untreated, mortality increases by 8%. There are alerts your clinicians can trust- learn more about POC Advisor. 
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POC Advisor™
Scientifically proven to improve sepsis outcomes by ensuring every patient receives the right care at the right time, every time.

POC Advisor’s sophisticated , AI-powered analyses of patient data identifies sepsis early and accurately, and ensures clinicians respond with evidence-based care at the right time. All to save lives, reduce cost of care and improve CMS compliance.