HealthOctober 29, 2015

New practice anatomy exam

Did you ever join some kind of club and have to be initiated into that club? Well for medical school, anatomy is kind of like your initiation. Everyone has to go through it. It happens at the beginning of your first year. There are many unpleasant experiences associated with anatomy. For the most part, students are pretty excited when it’s over.

And the final step in your initiation/anatomy experience is your final exam. For many schools this is the national, standardized NBME anatomy shelf exam. And frequently the specific form includes a number of embryology questions.

Let’s face it, anatomy is a tough course. There is an insane amount of information that is covered in anatomy. It is very detailed oriented. And there are seemingly countless ways that the information can be tested.

So how can you prepare for it?

Firecracker has produced a practice exam for you to try. We have put significant time into making sure that the questions in our test mirrors the NBME anatomy (or anatomy/embryology) shelf exam as closely as possible.

  • Every question is based on a clinical scenario.
  • The spread of our questions mirrors that of the NBME shelf exam. We have 15%-20% cardiovascular questions, 10%-15% gastrointestinal questions, and so on.
  • Our questions focus on many of the high yield topics that are very likely to show up on your exam.
  • We have provided the same allotment of time per question.

Additionally, we have provided thorough explanations for all of our questions. That way you can turn this practice test into a learning opportunity after you finish it. You can go back and review each question and understand why the correct answer is correct, as well as why the incorrect answers are wrong.

And we have even more exciting news. This is just the first of many subject specific exams and practice shelf exams we are building. We are going to produce a biochemistry shelf exam, a pathology shelf exam, a pharmacology shelf exam, and so on. In fact, we’re going to have more “shelf” exams than even the NBME. Want to take a practice cardiology final? No problem, we’ll make it! Here’s the link to exam, you have to be a current Firecracker member to access it:

So check out the first of many exams to come! We have two versions of our anatomy practice exam. The first is just anatomy and contains 100 anatomy clinical vignette questions. The second version is anatomy and embryology, and contains an additional 25 embryology clinical vignette questions. Take whichever form better matches your own final/shelf. Good luck.


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