CorporateDecember 14, 2016

Living our values, welcoming experts

As 2016 draws to a close, and we look forward to the New Year, we take the opportunity to celebrate those living by our company values: our experts, and all those who help us shape a better future for all. 

On behalf of our leaders, we wish our employees, customers, communities, partners and shareholders a very happy holidays—and a prosperous 2017.

Building on a rich heritage

In 2016, Wolters Kluwer reached a significant milestone: our 180th year. While much has changed over this time, a browse through our company history reveals that some things have remained constant—including strong values.

As John Coleman, author of ‘Passion and Purpose: Stories from the best and brightest young business leaders’, wrote in Harvard Business Review, ‘No company can hope to build a coherent culture without people who either share its core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values.’

We wholeheartedly agree. Values offer clarity and direction, personally and professionally. They help inform decision making and guide our actions.

By living by our company values, our people have made this year a year we can be proud of. The numerous external recognitions — for excellence and innovation in business technology, data and analytics and more — are just one testament to their achievements across all our divisions.

When it comes to values guiding actions, perhaps one example illustrates it best.

Common values, shared purpose

Over the course of 2016, Wolters Kluwer joined forces with several companies: Emmi with our Health division, VCorp Services with our Governance, Risk & Compliance division, and more. Each of those companies brought fresh and vibrant expertise into the company.

In July, we welcomed Enablon — the leading global provider of environmental, health, safety and sustainability and operational risk management solutions — into the Wolters Kluwer family.

Enablon is a story of people who dreamed of starting a company as a vector to help build a more sustainable world. As with all our experts across all divisions, we celebrate the fact that over 300 dedicated and talented Enablon people have joined us in our purpose to shape a better future for all.

And, as Stacey Caywood, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Division (of which Enablon is a part) said, common values were key in making it happen:

“Enablon had many suitors very interested in acquiring them. One of the key things they considered carefully was the culture of the business they would be acquired by. So, together, we reviewed the Wolters Kluwer values one by one. During that process, it was great to see that there was an absolute tie and connection with each and every one of them. This ended up being one of the key reasons why Enablon decided to move with us. Together, we are an excellent cultural fit. So, as we drive our business forward, support and develop their expertise, we are confident that we can grow our value for our customers and employees alike.”

A very happy holiday

According to Aristotle, all humans seek to flourish. It’s the proper and desired end of all of our actions.

Every day, our customers make critical decisions that help save lives, improve the way we do business, build more transparent and just regulatory systems. At Wolters Kluwer, our people help them get it right.

As Nancy McKinstry, CEO Wolters Kluwer, noted in her end of year message to our employees across the world, ‘By helping our customers achieve their mission, we are helping shape a better future for us all. I hope that you are proud to be part of a company that is driven by such a purpose. I know I am.’

On behalf of all our leadership, we thank you, and wish you all a very happy holiday, and a prosperous 2017.

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