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Successful Supply Chain Management: Concord Food success story

Discover how predictive and prescriptive analytics can help overcome uncertainty and achieve greater collaboration, real-time data that mitigates risk, more accurate forecasts, and business expansion.

Concord Foods is a CPG company. They have three different business segments. They support a food service segment which includes restaurants. They also have an industrial side of the business, which is also ice cream and confectionery. And then the third segment is retail. 

Hear directly from Jen Moore, Sales Planning Manager, as she shares Concord Foods' supply chain planning journey – from their search for a planning solution to the benefits they've seen since implementing CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning.

The biggest improvement that we’ve seen [since implementing CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning] our ability to talk real-time throughout the organization and really mitigate any risk.
Jen Moore - Sales Planning Manager, Concord Foods
Concord Food
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At Concord Foods, the need to implement software to automate forecasting was intact: It was all in Excel and it was literally a phone call. They needed something that was easy to use, had reporting, and was also something that they could grow into.

They had a very tight timeline to get a contract signed and to get thier sales team trained and using the system. So, to be able to do all of that and say that they stayed on budget was very impressive.  

They also saw a much clearer and better collaboration between the teams within their organization. Everyone can be on the same page and have that cross-functional compatibility.  

What are the key success factors of supply chain?  

The biggest improvement and the biggest thing that's come out of it is that they can now measure their ability to talk in real time across the organization and really mitigate any risk. 

An "aha" moment, and probably the most fulfilling for any sales planner who has to go out and choose some sort of platform to use, is to get a call from a salesperson and have them just be so excited that a retailer or a customer is taking on something new or expanding their distribution because they've been able to give them the data to support that decision. So, helping to win business and expand the business has probably been the biggest "aha" and fulfilling moment. 

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