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ComplianceOctober 25, 2022

Introducing NILS™ Feed ASL: Connecting Regulatory Change to Your Compliance Program

Today’s insurance professionals are challenged with understanding how an ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment impacts their compliance management program. Building an inventory of the body of laws that organizations must comply with and relating those laws to elements of their compliance program is an enormous undertaking.

What value can an Authoritative Source Library (ASL) bring to your GRC operations? View a recording of our October 20, 2022 webinar to learn more about how the new NILS™ Feed ASL helps compliance professionals drive insights and efficiencies when managing their regulatory change and compliance programs.

Featured Speakers:

  • SK Karanam - Head of Go To Market
  • Chelsey Hartzell, Senior Solutions Consultant

View the On-Demand webinar

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