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LegalOctober 14, 2021

LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer: The leader for AI-powered legal bill review

Clients who take advantage of the award-winning LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer managed service experience a reduction of legal spend as high as 10% compared to existing invoice review processes.

BillAnalyzer leverages LegalVIEW, the world’s largest database with $140B+ of legal performance benchmark and invoice data, to power AI-enhanced legal bill review. Implementing new bill review services into your organization can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

See below to discover why LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer is the leader for AI-powered legal bill review. 

To read the full analysis, including more information on how organizations control their legal spend, download the report: LegalVIEW Insights Volume 2: Corporate Legal Department Spend Analysis.

Legal bill review reimagined
LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer Expert Service
AI-enabled expert bill review delivers up to 10% cost savings and a 2-5X increase in billing guideline compliance
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