HealthApril 27, 2017

Health Language and MediMobile partner to improve the hospital revenue cycle

It’s no secret that reimbursement is increasingly complex for today’s hospitals and health systems. In truth, a fair amount of billing inaccuracies and missed charge capture has always been part of the bottom-line challenge.

But today’s providers simply cannot afford to let any money slip through the cracks as they navigate new value-based care models and take on more risk. In a perfect world, revenue cycle management (RCM) leverages systems and workflows that promote the most efficient submission of a clean claim. Unfortunately, providers live in a less-than-perfect world, where the intricacies introduced by ICD-10 increase the potential for errors and missed opportunities.

MediMobile recently selected the Wolters Kluwer Health Language® Provider Friendly Terminology solution to improve billing accuracy in its enterprise-level mobile charge capture solution. MediMobile users will now have access to a streamlined method for choosing the right codes to ensure accuracy in billing and the highest level of reimbursement.

A national leader in charge and data capture software for healthcare providers, MediMobile is used in eight of the top 10 hospital systems in the nation. The solution helps practices and health systems manage patients, capture charges, and improve operations by seamlessly integrating into EHRs. Through its strong customer ties, MediMobile determined that better physician search processes were needed to promote accurate code selection in its solution.

The reality for many of today’s healthcare organizations is that RCM is delayed when physicians choose inaccurate codes or miss specificity within a diagnosis that would optimize reimbursement. When these errors occur, coders must then query physicians and chase down the right documentation and coding, creating RCM bottlenecks. Finding the right balance between physician search time for coding and patient care is no easy feat.

MediMobile has worked hard to master this balance, and Jonathan Dayton, Chief Operating Officer of EmCare, Inc. Surgical Services—a MediMobile user—recently said that the partnership with Health Language has “advanced our proficiency in capturing the most accurate and specific ICD-10-CM codes without distracting providers from patient care.” He added that the organization’s busy trauma surgeons have been very satisfied with the integrated solution and the enhanced workflow to get to the most precise ICD-10 billable diagnosis code. “As a result, we’ve accelerated our coding review and claim submission process with the reduction of provider inquiry for diagnosis details, which leads to increased accuracy of our charge capture.”