HealthMay 04, 2023

Hancock Regional eliminates medication tray binders 

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Meet Brad Steinbach, the pharmacy operations manager from Hancock Regional Hospital, a 78-bed full-service hospital located in Greenfield, Indiana. In this recording, Brad talks about how the pharmacy at the main hospital serves as an integral part of procuring and supplying medications to 20 other locations and maintains 40 medication trays consistently. 

Moving to Simplifi+ MedTrays, Hancock has eliminated its antiquated paper-based process.

Brad states, "MedTrays has essentially streamlined all of that. The ease of access is there. You can access it from anywhere, just as we have ours on an iPad, so our staff goes around and are able to essentially change everything out directly on the floor. They don't have to bring it back to the central pharmacy to change everything out and lug around a 10-pound binder. All the information's right at your fingertips… [Simplifi+] MedTrays makes it completely centralized, linear as possible, and is extremely helpful."

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Simplifi+ MedTrays helps hospital pharmacies standardize emergency cart medication tray management throughout the hospital or system by removing manual processes and automating the tracking and inventory of emergency tray drugs.
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