Global Values Day 2018 at Wolters Kluwer
CorporateOctober 17, 2018

Global values day at Wolters Kluwer

In recent years, the importance of values in organizations has been increasingly acknowledged, case in point, world values day launched just two years ago and has already spread its message on how we put values into work in our communities, to 67 countries across the globe.

This year Wolters Kluwer celebrated its first global values day which allowed everyone at Wolters Kluwer to reaffirm the importance of the company values and to remind us to continue putting these values into action every day. The day’s activities offered opportunities to reflect on how our values have helped shape our relationships with each other, our customers, investors, and the communities we serve.

Our heritage and our values

Since 2004, when we first launched our company-wide values, we have focused on acknowledging the relationships we nurture among our teams, divisions, and customers. At Wolters Kluwer, we see knowledge as the key to create value for the communities we serve. Our values are action-oriented and highly participatory. For example, we live our values through innovation competitions such as our Global Innovation Awards and hackathon-style events such as the Code Games and ROCKathon. Our values continue to reflect who we are today and will continue to help define our future as we move forward with a new three-year business strategy.

Living our values each and every day and learning from the communities we serve, is important to our evolution and culture. Our 182-year heritage has rewarded us with deep domain knowledge which we use to continually evolve our organization and deliver our services to the medical, tax and accounting, governance, risk and compliance, and legal and regulatory industries. Our purpose is to help the professionals we serve -- deliver deep impact when it matters most.

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