HealthJanuary 06, 2020

Get your message across efficiently through video advertising

Discover how videos can help bring your healthcare marketing campaign to the next level and increase HCP engagement.

As a healthcare marketer, you face several challenges when trying to create an effective messaging campaign. Many of the products, devices, or services you are trying to market often require an in-depth explanation of their features, benefits, uses, etc. What’s even harder is the fact you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the healthcare professional (HCP) you are trying to target. When words simply won’t do the trick, videos can help. Videos have become a staple in every marketing strategy and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. In fact, ad agencies have been increasing their budget for digital videos by 25% year over year. Marketing agencies are seeing the efficiency of videos and are adjusting their spending accordingly. Videos can deliver large amounts of information in a quick and visual stimulating way, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Here are 9 reasons why videos are important and a growing trend in healthcare marketing:

  1. Videos are highly utilized – 92% of B2B customers watch videos, so you know this type of medium is highly utilized and your video will have higher engagement rates.
  2. Videos are deemed trustworthy – HCPs are bombarded with lots of products in the marketplace that make claims on how well they can enhance patient care or control medical costs. By using videos, you can gain a higher level of trust with HCPs. Studies show that people are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a certain product than read a description. By watching a video, a viewer can get a better idea of the product/device they are being marketed, while adding a layer of trust and understanding not given with basic text.
  3. Including videos in email marketing increases engagement – If you are already engaging in email marketing, increase your engagement by including a video. Including a video can increase open rates by 6% and offers a different format for information delivery.
  4. Videos are mobile – Video allows you to reach HCPs any time, even while they are on their feet.  By 2020, video will account for 75% of online traffic.
  5. Rank higher – Search engines have made video a key factor in their search criteria. By posting videos, you can organically rank higher in search rankings.
  6. Obtain behavior analytics – Video hosting sites such as YouTube offer viewer data that can give you behavior insight of those who interact with your videos. You can adjust the content of your video in real time based on these analytics.
  7. Connect emotionally – When communicating medical products and services, messaging can come across as purely academic. Videos allows you to bring emotions that can influence a HCP’s behavior by storytelling, especially when discussing patient care. The more emotionally connected a viewer is, the greater the impact it can have.
  8. Increase distribution through sharing – Posting videos on your blog and other social media websites will allow your message to be viewed many times over by HCPs sharing your videos.
  9. Videos can transfer a lot of information – Forrester reported that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Videos can be live or animated, adding to their versatility.

Here are a few types of videos marketers can produce:

  • Explainer Videos – Use this type of video to easily explain the benefits and functions of your products or services, providing better comprehension, positioning, engagement and conversion.
  • Product Tours – Offer a walk-through of product features or processes that you are marketing.  Animated videos present a great opportunity to demonstrate a medical procedure in simpler terms for quick absorption of information.
  • Testimonials – Seeing and hearing a testimonial from other HCPs and KOLs increases your credibility. This allows you to show real customers expressing the results they were able to attain with your product or service.
  • Thought Leadership – Providing videos that illustrate how you can help HCPs offer better patient care, increase efficiencies, and lower medical costs can increase your value to them.

Producing quality videos will not only help you get the attention of busy HCPs but will have a greater impact on influencing their behavior for easier adoption of your products and services. Videos can be incorporated in many marketing channels such as email campaigns, blogs, and social media. Add to the fact that the cost of producing videos is relatively affordable, you can’t ignore their value. Produce a variety of videos and schedule them in your marketing plan today.

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