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ComplianceFinanceJuly 26, 2019

Financing the future of auto lending

With a focus on the effect on lenders, we’ve produced a webinar that explores the way one of the largest chunks of our population shops for a car and what it means for the industry.

Gone are the days of defaulting to a visit to your local dealership — probably the same one your mother or father bought their cars from — to see new cars, haggle with a salesman, and drive off the lot with a vehicle.

Today’s vehicle buying process is a function of the generations that have grown up with the internet of things, smartphones, and social media. It’s done online at the start to research cars, prices, and locations of cars that fit the description of the shopper’s preference. Even financing is done online, meaning that in some scenarios, customers can conduct the entire transaction, without ever having stepped foot in a dealership.

This webinar explores this monumental shift in the vehicle purchase process, the reasons it has become the new normal, and, most importantly, the ramifications for lenders.

It's complimentary to view and can be accessed here.

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Lien Solution's Marina Hardy
Senior Marketing Manager
Marina Hardy is Senior Marketing Manager for Wolters Kluwer Lien Solutions. Her expertise is in program management, solutions marketing, product management, operations, customer experience, market research, and analytics.
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