FinanceESGAugust 23, 2022

ESG finance guide: Unlock the value of your sustainability reporting

Think ESG is just for investors? Or just a reporting process? Or just managed sustainability officers? Think again.

ESG reporting is a performance management process involving data and input from HR to supply chain planners, operations, and IT. And for finance, ESG is about to become an output as critical as the annual report.

In this eBook, we offer a fresh perspective on environmental social governance for finance, laying out who uses ESG reports, why ESG reports are essential to organizations, and even breakdown the different ESG software strategies available to you. Read on for much-needed clarity on what environmental social governance should mean to finance.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why ESG is a corporate performance management process
  • ESG reporting basics: What is it? Why is it important? How are they used?
  • ESG reporting frameworks and requirements
  • Different ways of approaching ESG software
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