Episode 7 Commercial Lending Through COVID - PPP And Beyond
ComplianceSeptember 10, 2020

Episode 7: Commercial Lending Through COVID – PPP and Beyond

Banking Compliance Insights is a podcast series created to deliver insights on compliance trends and provide strategies for navigating today’s regulatory and risk environments. Our new podcast, “Commercial Lending Through COVID – PPP and Beyond,” addresses commercial lenders’ constant state of change during the pandemic and provides guidance on how to stay on top of these rapidly evolving circumstances, including credit assessments, to ensure they fulfill their client obligations.

Our experts, Wolters Kluwer® Bank Segment Leader Samir Agarwal and Michael Fuchs, Director of Commercial Lending, discuss strategies for assessing funding requests and quickly evaluating credit risk to portfolios caused by the coronavirus. With consumers in a precarious economic state, what does this mean for commercial lenders?

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