Entity Compliance by Business Stage: An Infographic for Law Firms
ComplianceMarch 28, 2024

Entity compliance by business stage: An infographic for law firms

Law firms understand that opening a business is not the only time compliance is an issue. But often, your clients don’t understand that every stage of the business lifecycle has its own unique compliance obligations.

Forming a business, whether it be an LLC or corporation, is the first of many times a business will need to file paperwork and meet compliance deadlines. As their legal advisor, your clients look to you to better understand the requirements for each stage of the business' lifecycle.

The experts at CT Corporation created this infographic to illustrate the four major stages of every business along with the compliance issues for each. We’ve paired questions about each stage with a compliance checklist that lists forms to file and actions to take. Leverage this as you talk with your clients.

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Our team of compliance attorneys and our highly trained service representatives understand the critical need for 100% accuracy.

Entity compliance by business stage

Entity compliance by business stage

Over the course of the business life cycle, various events trigger important obligations. Use this chart to check with your clients and discuss how they are meeting their compliance obligations today.

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Whether at the beginning stages of due diligence, or the high-pressure stages of a closing, CT Corporation can provide the assistance that law firms need to finalize the deal. Learn more about how CT Corporation can help you manage the legal service compliance needs of your clients.

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The CT Corporation staff is comprised of experts offering global, regional, and local expertise on registered agent, incorporation, and legal entity compliance.

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