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LegalSeptember 15, 2022

ELM Amplify 2022: Join us for in-depth training

Our upcoming user conference, ELM Amplify 2022, will once again feature complimentary hands-on training on our enterprise legal management platforms. We have reviewed all of the feedback on our previous offerings and have used it to design an Amplify training program that meets the needs you’ve shared with us and addresses the areas where you’d most like to grow your knowledge.

As ELM Amplify begins on Tuesday, October 18, our Learning Institute experts will offer deep-dive sessions on network administration and report design topics. Focusing on the day-to-day operations you perform, these solution-specific sessions will help you hone your existing skills and learn new strategies for effective and efficient legal operations management.

On Wednesday, we will shift to a demo-based format for module training. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn about the current functions of your ELM platform, with fellow clients on hand to talk about the best practices they have used to achieve success.

ELM Amplify will feature the following training sessions:


  • Passport System Administration
    • A Day in the Life of Legal Ops
    • Security and Spend Rules
    • Workflow Use and Management
  • Passport Report Designer
    • Formatting Reports in Report Editor
    • Filtering and Prompts in Report Editor
    • Creating and Filtering with Calculations in Report Editor
  • Passport Module topics:
    • AFA Module
    • Budgets and Accruals Module
    • Diversity Module

TyMetrix 360°

  • TyMetrix 360° Network Administration
    • A Day in the Life of Legal Ops
    • User Setup Process and Downstream Actions
    • Vendor Management
  • TyMetrix 360° Report Design
    • Understanding Invoice Dates, Amounts, and Status When Creating Financial Reports
    • Using Reports and Data Exchange to Update Matter Details Fields
    • The Power of Using Report Scheduler
  • TyMetrix 360° Module topics:
    • AFA Module
    • TyMetrix 360° Budgets and Accruals Module
    • TyMetrix 360° Diversity Module

These in-depth sessions will focus on real-world use cases and improve your dexterity with using your ELM platform to meet organizational goals. You’ll return to work with skills that increase the value you bring to your team.

Visit the ELM Amplify 2022 website to learn more about the conference, including details about each training session, the conference agenda, and the event FAQs.

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